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Prof. Zhou Daoguo from Purdue University visited TEDA College

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        March 13-16, Prof. Zhou Daoguo from Department of life science of Purdue University was invited to TEDA Institute of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology for academic exchanges. During the visit, Prof. Zhou gave an academic report to all teachers and students entitled "How to get good results - Salmonella tell the story".

       Salmonella is one of the most common bacterial pathogens of humans and other animals, causing food poisoning, gastrointestinal inflammation, typhoid fever, and septicemia. The global burden of disease caused by Salmonella infections is substantial, with more than 90 million human cases of gastroenteritis alone occurring each year. Two key steps implicated in the disease process of Salmonella are invasion of epithelial cells and the survival inside host macrophages, which respectively dependent on the role of two type III protein secretion system (T3SS) encoded in Salmonella pathogenicity island-1 (SPI-1) and -2 (SPI-2). Prof. Zhou’s laboratory is concentrated on identifying and characterizing bacterial and host cellular proteins that are involved in Salmonella invasion, specifically the mechanisms about how SPI-1 T3SS interfere with host process, and has made great progress in this area. On Zhou’s current visit, concentrated on the topic about “Salmonella virulence genes and non-coding RNA”, he made a good communication with the teachers and students of the Institute. Issues regarding construction of Joint Laboratories were discussed.

        Purdue University is a world famous university enjoying a high academic reputation. Prof. Zhou has long been committed to the study of molecular genetics and pathogenic mechanism of pathogenic bacteria, and has made outstanding achievements especially in the study of interaction of Salmonella and host cell, the research achievements of which were published in Science, PNAS, Molecular Microbiology and other authoritative Journals.


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