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  Governance & Management  

Administration System

TEDA College operates with a president-responsibility system under the leadership of a board of directors. The board members are from both Nankai University and TEDA Administrative Commission. Guided by the principles of being streamlined, efficient and standard, the college sets up several offices and working units, which include the Administration Office, the Teaching and Research Office, the Student Management Office, the Book & Reference Center, and the Campus Network Center.

Dean,TEDA CollegeProf. Lei Wang
Vice-Chancellor of Nankai University
Dean of TEDA College, Nankai University
Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor

Responsibilities of Administration and Logistics Office

  1. Assisting the Dean and the Party Secretary in handling the routine work of the Party and administration of TEDA College;

  2. Responsible for the communication of TEDA College with Nankai Univerity and TEDA;

  3. In charge of logistics of TEDA College, and monitoring the work of the property management company;

  4. Responsible for the security, fire prevention of TEDA College;

  5. Managing the dining room and the clinic;

  6. In charge of buildings and various properties of TEDA College;

  7. Handling documentation.

Responsibilities of Teaching and Research Office

  1. Responsible for the coordination of teaching and experimental facilities;

  2. Responsible for the construction of public labs, audio labs, simulation labs;

  3. Responsible for the arrangement of teaching and various work to support teaching;

  4. Responsible for inquiry and feedback about teaching;

  5. Managing the teaching of long distance education; responsible for the application and recruitment of advanced studies of graduate courses;

  6. Organizing training sessions in cooperation with TEDA; managing the training of electronic business;

  7. Assisting the Dean in developing policies, operation machenism and regulations on introducing scientific research projects and scientific reseach institutes; assisting college officers in making plans of discipline construction and development;

  8. Communicating and cooperating with foreign countries;

  9. Carrying out other work assigned by college officers and coordinating with other departments.

Responsibilities of Students Work Office (the Youth League Committee)

  1. Developing Communist Party and the Youth League;

  2. Responsible for students'moral education and psychological inquiry;

  3. Guiding the student body and graduate body;

  4. Constructing and managing Youth League School and Official School for students;

  5. Organizing and managing students'clubs and activities;

  6. Responsible for education of new students and gruadutes;

  7. Organizing and managing of students'awards, punishment, loan and assistantships;

  8. Managing students'dormitories in cooperation with the property management company;

  9. Managing classes in cooperation with various departments;

  10. Supervising the employment of graduates;

  11. Managing tutors, advisors or directors of students;

  12. Managing students'organizations and student officials;

  13. Coordinating with relavent departments of the college.

Responsibilities of Books and Reference Center

  1. In charge of the administration and business of the center;

  2. Developing the regulations and rules of the center;

  3. According to the setting and development of the specialties of the college, making the construction plan, development plan and literature purchase policy of the center;

  4. Communicating and coordinating with the main library and TEDA library;

  5. Communicating and coordinating with readers;

  6. Subscribing for Chinese and foreign books and journals;

  7. Numbering and checking Chinese and foreign journals;

  8. Training and guiding editors.

Responsibilities of Network and Long Distance Education Center

  1. In charge of the operation and management of network and long distance education center;

  2. Developing and executing plans for maintaining facilities of network and long distance education center;

  3. Developing and executing plans for improving and updating the systems of network and long distance education center;

  4. Coordinating with other departments in terms of technology;

  5. Coordinating with college network center and other schools in terms of technology;

  6. Coordinating with telecommunication department and other relavent departments in terms of technology;

  7. Doing other jobs assigned by the college officials.


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