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TEDA College Library of Nankai University, a branch of the university library was established in 2000. Now it has more than 3,000 square meters of floor space and provides 460 seats.

The total collection of TEDA College Library right now is more than 75,000 items which are emphasized on the majors of the college, such as law, economics,business and management, computer science, electronics, telecommunication,physics, biology, and so on.

The number of holdings includes:
Nearly 110,000 volumes of books and bounded periodicals;
More than 1,000 current periodicals and newspapers;
More than 2,000 multimedia CD-ROMs;
More than 80 Electronic databases and other online journals, such as ACM, ACS, AIP, APS,
Blackwell, CA, CSA, EBSCO, EI, Elsevier, JSTOR, ISI, OCLC, PQDD, OSA...

TEDA College Library is a small but highly professional and efficient one. 
It is managed through an integrated library system. An advanced network has been established to provide access to electronic resources over the world for users.

The library consists of three main departments:
Circulation and Reference Department (6622-9429);
Acquisition and Cataloging Department (6622-9427);
System and Electronic Resource Department (6622-9434). 


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