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Agreement between TEDA College and College of Science at UCD on double master program was signed

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On 27 October, Professor Andrew J. Deeks, President of University College Dublin, and Professor Dolores O'Riordan, VP Global Engagement, visited Nankai University. XueJinwen, secretary of the party committee of Nankai University, met with them in Administration Building and signed agreements on behalf of Nankai University on student joint cultivation and exchanging program with Professor Andrew J. Deeks.

Memorandum of Agreement between the TEDA College at Nankai Univeristy and the College of Science at UCD is one of the agreements that have been signed. In the Agreement, Double Degree is proposed consisting of two separate awards; UCD Masters in one the following fields: MSc Physics, MSc Nanobio Science, MSc Plant Biology and Biotechnology, MSc Biological and Biomolecular Science, MSc Applied Environmental Science and Nankai University Masters degrees in the TEDA Institute of Applied Physics, TEDA Institute of Biological Sciences and College of Environmental Science and Engineering. These two discrete awards will be awarded to students successfully completing the requirements of both programmes. 


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