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TEDA College Organized a Symposium of the Series “Global Nankai”

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December 15th – 17th, TEDA College organized a symposium of the series “Global Nankai”.

Wang Lei, Dean of the College, introduced the background of Nankai University’s “Global Nankai”: Internationalization is one of the five strategies the University and the series 'Global Nankai' is great tool to facilitate the process. Through the series “Global Nankai”, the leaders of the College wanted to define the place of TEDA College in Nankai’s internationalization. For this reason, the main topic of the symposium has been the promotion of College’s international development. In order to help Nankai to reach its international goal, the College has already developed a joint project with NOEMA Business School (France) and a cooperative training project with University College Dublin (Ireland). TEDA College is seizing these opportunities to promote the development of relevant works.

College’s administrators and a delegation of professors and students from Graduate School expressed their opinions combining their personal working and studying experiences. The participants discussed the real problems of the College and gave suggestions in order to solve the following difficulties: development of international communication and cooperative process, main problems in the communications with Nankai’s respective functional departments, postgraduate students’ exchanges and cooperation, professors’ international academic exchanges, academic international collaborations and so on.

Thanks to this meeting, the strategies to improve TEDA College’s internationalization obtained the consensus of teachers and students from every department, and many realistic suggestions to solve problems and difficulties were raised. TEDA College will sum up the results of the discussion in order to accelerate the process of internationalization of the College and help the development of “Global Nankai”.


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