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Nankai University Xing Tan Forum Held on the TEDA Campus

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Nankai University Xing Tan Forum was launched in November, 2021. It is a cultural event under the name of Xing Tan, the landmark building on the TEDA Campus. Based on the historical and cultural resources of Nankai University, various high-level forums and lectures will be held. Moreover, some educational lectures will be delivered for continuously enhancing the cultural atmosphere and positive interaction between the Campus and Binhai New Area.

On 11 November, Professor Hou Zixin, former president of Nankai University, was invited to give the first lecture entitled 'How the patriotic soul of Nankai people is forged?'.He described the 100-year-history of Nankai University, focusing on the patriotic education it has been carrying out since its establishment, and encouraged the students to be mentally and ideologically prepared to the upcoming difficulties and challenges.

The second lecture was held on 25 November. Professor Wang Kai, part-time researcher of Peking University, part-time professor of Tianjin University and one of the founders of the TEDA Campus, was invited to deliver a lecture on the theme of Practice and Future Thinking of China's Development. By recalling the entrepreneurial history and transformation of Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area (TEDA), Professor Wang encouraged young students to seize the opportunity, actively explore and strive for strength.

Teachers and students were enthusiastic and actively participated in the Forum. Nankai University Xing Tan Forum, held at least once a month, providing teachers and students with a favorable platform and a good opportunity to exchange ideas, broaden their horizons and explore current issues. The event aims to enhance the human environment and cultural atmosphere of the TEDA Campus and Binhai New Area.


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