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"2021 Nankai University TEDA Forum" Held at TEDA College

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On 23 December, "2021 Nankai University TEDA Forum" was held at TEDA College. The participants included the leadership team members of TEDA College, delegates of colleges, institutes and research centers on TEDA Campus, all administrative staff and some student representatives. The forum was hosted by Zeng Lijian, Secretary of the CPC Committee of TEDA College and Secretary of the CPC Committee of College of Software.

Zhang Yuzhi, Dean of TEDA College and Dean of College of Software, said in his speech that, under the new development situation, each college, institute and research center on the campus needs to actively maximize its advantage, serve the needs of the Binhai New Area, actively strive for external resources and seek cooperation, aiming to constantly improve the attraction of the Campus and its contribution to the construction and development of the Binhai New Area. Zhang Yuzhi pointed out that TEDA College would upgrade its service concept by assimilating suggestions from all units on the Campus, promoting their cooperation, and optimizing the allocation of resources, with the target of building TEDA College into a demonstration base for cross-disciplinary cooperation and providing intelligence support for the development of the new industries in Binhai New Area.

During the Forum, the delegates from TEDA Institute of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, TEDA Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Institute of New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategies, Digital Creativity and Intelligent Design Research Center, Sino-Canada Joint R&D Centre on Water and Environmental Safety, National & Local Joint Research Center on Biomass Resource Utilization, Tianjin Engineering Research Center of Environmental Diagnosis and Contamination Remediation, College of Software and College of Pharmacy, respectively delivered presentations on work achievements and prospective development plans. In addition, they discussed about the cross-disciplinary cooperation and made suggestions for the further development of the College.

“2021 Nankai University TEDA Forum” was held by TEDA College and participated by the delegates from colleges, institutes and research centers on TEDA Campus, aiming to integrate the resources of various disciplines and build a platform for communication, so as to continuously improve the quality of service, enhance internal and external cooperation, and seek common development.


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