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  Joint Program  

Double master programme between TEDA College, Nankai University and College of Science at University College Dublin, Ireland

A Double Degree is proposed consisting of two separate awards; UCD Masters in one the following fields: MSc Physics, MSc Nanobio Science, MSc Plant Biology and Biotechnology, MSc Biological and Biomolecular Science, MSc Applied Environmental Science and Nankai University Masters degrees un the TEDA Institute of Applied Physics, TEDA Institute of Biological Sciences and College of Environmental Science and Engineering. These two discrete awards will be awarded to students successfully completing the requirements of both programmes.


Students undertaking a three year masters at Nankai will study in UCD for the first year and study in Nankai for the last two years (1+2); Students undertaking a two year masters at Nankai will study in UCD for the first year and study in Nankai in the second year (1+1). In the one-year study in UCD Masters degree programme, students have to take 90 credits. Students will then be eligible for the award of both the UCD Masters and Nankai Masters degrees after finishing the whole cycle of study in Nankai.

Academic quality assurance and review for the year in UCD will be in accordance with UCD policy and procedures as currently applied to the existing programme.

Admissions Requirements:

Admissions Requirements will be determined by:

Nankai University with respect to admission to the Nankai Masters programme

UCD with respect to admission to the UCD Masters programme

  1. Nankai University students will be recruited by Nankai University through their normal recruitment procedure into their Masters programme with, in addition, the option of transferring to the UCD Masters degree in the first year being made available to them.

  2. Nankai University transferring students will be required to meet normal overseas admission standards before being admitted to the UCD Masters programme i.e. IELTS 6.5 (with no section less than 6.0). On condition that suitable applicants to UCD have not yet achieved required IELTS score, UCD will offer language training program to the successful applicants and students need to pass the language test organized by UCD before being registered in UCD.

  3. UCD International Office will liaise with the Irish Embassy in Beijing throughout the programme and assist in the visa application process for students who are eligible to be admitted to the UCD Masters degree.

  4. Students will be required to satisfy the Irish requirements for a student visa before being admitted to the UCD programme.


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